Vertessa Lite Polypropylene Mesh for SCP





Polypropylene Mesh for Sacrocolpopexy

Lightweight, Flexible and Strong. The Perfect Balance. 

A polypropylene mesh designed specifically for use in sacrocolpopexy procedures.

Vertessa® Lite weighs 20.9 g/m² and is 31% stronger than market-leading light weight mesh.*




Large Pore Size Allows for Optimal Tissue In-Growth

Vertessa® Lite’s average pore size is 1500 microns, which is approximately 20x greater than the recognized Amid I classification. Large pore size allows for macrophage movement and fibroblast in-growth.*



Designed Specifically to Meet Your Sacrocolpopexy Needs

Vertessa® Lite provides minimal elongation along the length of the implant to allow for precise tensioning during placement and the desired support. The mesh can be trimmed to size without fraying or unravelling.* Vertessa® Lite offers enhanced visibility with its blue mesh design.


  • Y-Mesh – 26x4x3 cm
  • Y-Mesh – 26x5x4 cm
  • 10 cm x 22 cm
  • 4 cm x 22 cm strips, 2 per pouch



Lightweight and flexible yet STRONG, inspiring the confidence you desire.

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* Data on file at Caldera Medical, Inc.                                                                                                                               

10-140-06 Rev. E  7/15