Reusable Introducers


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Precisely engineered from surgical grade stainless steel, Caldera Medical‘s robust reusable introducers are designed to facilitate secure and reliable needle passage. Choice is important. No two patients are alike. That‘s why Caldera offers a high-quality instrument for a variety of surgical approaches. Our versatile system gives surgeons the flexibility to choose the surgical technique they prefer.

Transobturator Approaches Available: Helical, Large Helical, Hook, and Inside Out. 

Retropubic Approaches Available: Suprapubic, Transvaginal.


Universal Connection System

The Universal Connection System enables easy sling attachment and removal, even intra-operatively. With other connection systems, buttonholing and instrument re-passage can create the need to open a second expensive implant to complete the procedure. With Desara® you always have the option to re-pass.

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We Care About The Environment

By utilizing reusable introducers, biohazardous and paper waste is reduced significantly and the impact on landfills is lessened. In fact, Caldera‘s Desara® Sling System utilizes 94% less packaging per sling, on average, compared to the competition. It‘s a winning solution for everyone.

Caldera Medical Introducers are designed and validated for use only with Caldera Medical implants.


10-140-04 Rev. C 07/15