Desara Blue




Exceptional Visibility. Proven Performance. 

The Desara® Blue Sling System for Stress Urinary Incontinence offers surgeons exceptional visibility, outstanding flexibility and ease of use. Desara® Blue can be used with multiple surgical approaches including transvaginal, suprapubic, and transobturator. No matter what surgical technique is desired, Caldera offers a reusable instrument, allowing the surgeon to choose the best approach for each individual patient.


Unique Blue Mesh for Exceptional Visibility

• Blue mesh allows for better physician visualization, compared to clear slings.
• Utilizes same proven polypropylene material as Desara®.
• Type I large pore monofilament design with approximate pore size of 1000 microns.
• Large pores are thought to promote tissue in-growth and allow for macrophage movement.



Excellent Mesh Integrity

  • Desara® Blue is engineered to lay flat when placed under tension.
  • Mesh does not fray or curl, offering stable and consistent support.

Desara Blue Comparison


Introducers_color corrected

Robust, Reusable Introducers

• Available for multiple surgical approaches: transvaginal, suprapubic, transobturator outside-in and inside-out.
• Surgical grade stainless steel for secure and reliable needle passage.
• Universal Connection System enables easy sling attachment and removal, even intra-operatively.
• Environmentally friendly and provides procedural versatility, giving surgeons the freedom to choose their approach.



Tapered Tip and Sleek Sleeve Design

• Designed to facilitate smooth tissue passage.
• Removes easily, allowing for precise tension adjustment.
• Centering gap guides placement.
• Also available with overlapping sleeve. 

Available in Three Options to Meet Your Needs

• Original Desara® Blue.
• Desara® Blue OV with overlapping sleeve.
• Desara® Blue SS with short sutures (TOT outside-in and suprapubic approaches only). 

Click here to download the Desara Blue Brochure for more information on the Desara Blue Sling System.


10-140-11 Rev. C 07/15